Saturday, May 9, 2009

Presentation reaction

I am pleased with the group presentation we put together for last week. We piled as much information into 30 minutes as possible to give everyone an idea for our website design. We hope we got the point across that our focus was on building a site from the ground up as opposed to dissecting the current site and picking and choosing things to keep and eliminate. Of course, we took much of the current site into consideration in our design, and we looked at many other dot orgs websites to get a feel for what others are doing right and wrong.

Special thanks to Constance, Craig, Nancy, and Caroline (the SIPA student who worked on an IJDH project last semester and was a guest of ours for the presentation). We hope to expand on our thoughts and hit any missed issues in our final report. We were able to get in touch with Monica from IJDH once already since our presentation, and they are looking forward to reading our report and proposing a website enhancement based (well, hopefully) on our recommendations.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

And on it goes...!

Although it's nice to be finished with the presentation, we really need to devote time now to finishing up the final report.

I think we're on track, its just a matter of trying to include and remember all the suggestions and ideas that have crossed our minds over the past 4 months!

One thing we definitely need to address- which was highlighted by the judges during our presentation- is the news/blog dilemma. Should the blog be under "News"? Should news articles just be incorporated into the blog?

Also, the suggestions to feature the blog directly on the homepage were interesting, and worth reflecting.