Thursday, February 26, 2009

News on the blog scene

The SIPA IJDH blog has been created!!


  1. Hi, team. Congrats on getting your blog going. Incidentally, over the week-end, I read something about Graham Greene's novel on Haiti, The Comedians ( I can't remember what it was, though. Perhaps it's been reissued? Anyway, I'll let you know if I see it again. Maybe it could be a feature on the IJDH site. Apparently, Greene anticipated the mess that Haiti is now in.

  2. Found it again--it was in the Life & Arts section of the FT Week-end edition (Feb 28/March 1, 2009), part of their "book cover" series: Since the IJDH site is design challenged, it might be an idea to suggest that they approach Penguin for the rights to use the art on their site--maybe as a way of branding their blog? They could put a footnote about the Graham Greene book and the cover art--and visitors would learn something. Just a thought. Remember, the Web rewards lateral thinking!

  3. Thanks for the find and recommendation!