Thursday, April 16, 2009


One of the takeaways from our last call with IJDH was that we can see some of the past stuff they've done with their website in the archives section. In other words, specific to fundraising, they have altered the fundraising destination page during certain times of the year where particular issues in Haiti were at the forefront.

It was good to see that they have put some effort into revitalizing the fundraising section in the past. But, why not always have some interesting material there? Currently, it's literally just the paypal page to donate money. That's it. You click on "click to contribute online," and bam, give me your money! It would definitely be a good idea to highlight their current programs here and demonstrate how supporters donations contribute to the work of IJDH. We hope to create a sample of a good example of web writing that could easily be implemented as their default fundraising/donation page on our recommended new website design.

The past fundraising campaign from their archives was a good effort. With some more efficient and tighter web writing, the general message for the need for donations can be told permanently on the website, and hopefully, they can solicit donations throughout the year for their ongoing programs.

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