Thursday, April 9, 2009


I think a major focus of our website design has turned to the importance of fundraising. After another conference call with Monica and Brian of IJDH, all of us noticed a recurring emphasis on donations and potential alternative revenue streams.

Dot orgs rely on donations to survive, so it's not like this is a surprise, but if you have seen a lot of .org websites, you wouldn't know they're focused on attracting donors! IJDH is no exception. When you click on the donation link from the homepage, you don't even get a pathway page that describes the organization's current or major projects. It goes straight to a paypal transaction page! The ironic thing is that Monica and Brian have very compelling stories about the mission of IJDH and moving testimonials that would all be suitable content for soliciting donations on the website.

To take action on this topic, they have sent us archived parts of the website that they used in the past during major fundraising campaigns. We are going to propose recommendations that suggest an greater fundraising presence at all times during the year.

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