Thursday, March 5, 2009

IJDH Homepage overview

We have talked about the value and function of the homepage in class, and I had several initial impressions of the IJDH homepage that I wanted to share. Essentially, I think the homepage lacks the basic tools to make an effective introduction and explain the general IJDH message.

At this time, I just want to address the structural layout of the current hompage and some recommendations for improvement. As we continue to learn about the website's function and target audiences, we will go into discussion on actual content. Here is my overall evaluation of the present homepage structure:
  • Add a tag line. It is not immediately recognizable what IJDH is as an organization to many potential site visitors.

  • Add a welcome blurb into the “About IJDH” section.

  • The top menu bar could be reorganized by moving Haiti Justice Videos, Haiti JusticeBlog, and Links sections to be the final three items. This seems like a more logically listed cohesion of headings.

  • Center the main feature photo (Matt Damon and others at JFK library).

  • Realign the bullets in main feature section.

  • Resize the chart box in main feature section.

  • Change the color scheme (currently orange, red, white, grey).

  • Reformat the “Major Campaigns section” to either decrease font size and make it look more like a cohesive list, or add one line briefs after the headlines.

  • Stay consistent with the font difference scheme that symbolizes hyperlinks (e.g. always bold print, always same color).

  • Resize image files so that they are all the same size per section, which will help delineate sections within a page.


  1. Looks like you guys have some great initial ideas as to how reorganize the homepage! Given that the issue is justice in Haiti, I was wondering if you thought about eventually having a "Francais" tab in the nav that would convert all the copy into French? It seems as though having the site available in French might be a priority for their audience? Just a thought.

  2. Interestingly, there is a "Section Francais" (sic) in the current IJDH website nav bar. It is hard to find because it's not always listed in the nav bar! Stupid, right? For some reason, from the homepage, this isn't a listed menu item. But, if you navigate to various different pathway pages, the nav bar menu actually changes (something we are definitely going to need to fix) and the Section Francais comes up sometimes.

    Merci bien pour ton commentaire.