Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have been focusing on Mapping and Storyboarding analysis of the IJDH website, and the first thing that I encounter, and the consistent thing that has been driving me crazy, is the inconsistencies across the website. The worst part is that the navigation bar menu at the top of the website changes depending on what pathway you are navigating. So, "Prison Project," which is one of IJDH's major initiatives, is a link in the nav bar from the homepage, but it disappears, or is replaced by Section Francais (which is itself a grammatically incorrect name), if you navigate to the "Haiti Justice Videos" pathway page!

As we now subscribe to the Steve Krug school of web design, this inconsistency is unacceptable. It frustrates the audience, and it makes you have to figure out what happened to your menu links, which is not something we should have to deal with as website readers. In summary, I give the IJDH website a failing grade in navigation.

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