Thursday, March 19, 2009

Post-Spring Break Plans

As we head into the home stretch of the semester (and, for some of us, our time at Columbia), we're keeping in mind a few basic strategies for the IJDH project.

  • Posting to Google docs to make sure we're sharing progress and ideas
  • Meeting for a half hour or so outside of class each week to discuss developments
  • Checking in with the "client" through phone conferencing
  • Applying what we've learned in class that week to our report on the client's site. For instance, I took Mary-Lea's advice (from the first or second class) of printing out the entire site to map the , which was a really useful exercise.
Given our wildly varying schedules, we have had a bit of trouble so far finding common times to meet. (Too many classes and jobs, it seems!) But tools like Google docs provide a great virtual space in which to communicate, and the work we do there will probably form the bulk of our ideas and report material.

Will the IJDH site rise like a phoenix? We will do our best.

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  1. It's also been useful to meet virtually through our google group!